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The Lodge That Beaver Built

A lush companion to The Nest That Wren Built brings to light the habits of a secretive creature with lifelike illustrations and a lyrical, informative text.

Resourceful Beaver and his family work every day to build the perfect lodge in the pond, made of branches from the shore willow and silty mud from the streambed. Secure and safe from the elements and all the forest animals who come by, the beavers sleep, play, and grow inside the lodge. But come springtime’s flood, this family of beavers will move on, leaving behind the remains of the lodge that Beaver built. Gently scientific and accessible, with soft, glowing illustrations from award-winning artist Anne Hunter, this lilting, poetic companion to The Nest That Wren Built introduces young children to the engineering feat of dam-building and the life cycle of beaver families. Budding nature lovers can explore more beaver facts, a glossary, and a list of suggested resources in the back matter.

Written by Randi Sonenshine

Illustrated by Anne Hunter

​ISBN 9781536218688

Hardcover | $18.99
Published by Candlewick
Sep 27, 2022 | 32 Pages

4-8 years 

Praise for The Lodge That Beaver Built

​​This beautifully illustrated nonfiction picture book uses evocative poetic language paired with ink and colored pencil drawings on tinted paper. Soft and realistic, it reveals a “poetry in nature” using the same satisfying cadence and repetition as “This Is the House that Jack Built.” It’s a pleasure to read aloud with rhymes that fairly sing as they tell the story: “This is the crunch in the darkening wood / of teeth against bark where the willow once stood / on the shore near the lodge that Beaver built.” Readers see the interconnectedness of all creatures benefiting from the protection of the beaver lodge (muskrats, kits, yearlings, musk turtles, geese, ducklings). And when a flood destroys the lodge, they move upstream and rebuild, revealing the cycle of nature. Even the endnotes are fascinating, inviting us to “Sink your teeth into these beaver facts!” Beavers are known as a “keystone species” that other animals depend on for survival as “eco-engineers” who create an entirely new ecosystem with each dam. Like skilled architects, they build structures made to regulate temperature, bring in fresh air, filter water for humans and even have underwater slides for quick exits! With a glossary and ample suggestions of websites and videos for further study, this book is a window to the natural world that will be valuable for many years to come. Lonna Pierce, Retired School Librarian, Binghamton City School District, Binghamton, NY
                                                        School Library Connection Journal (Starred Review)
Highly Recommended