2024 National Jewish Book Award Finalist, Picture Book Category


Written by Randi Sonenshine

Illustrated by Gina Capaldi

​ISBN 978-1681156194

Hardcover | $16.69
Published by Apples & Honey Press
Oct 10, 2023 | 48 Pages

6-9 years 

A National Jewish Book Award Finalist for 2023

Praise for The Inside Name

"A gentle exploration of a cruel episode in European history." --Kirkus Reviews 

"The voice here is strong; the reader will really feel that the story is being told by a boy who must live every day with secrets and in fear for his safety. The text is almost poetic in its spare form and its beautiful imagery, and the watercolor illustrations are an excellent complement to the text."​

​​- Stacy Nockowitz, The Sydney Taylor Shmooze

​"The author bal­ances his­to­ry, dra­ma, and char­ac­ter devel­op­ment to cre­ate an excit­ing tale with a sat­is­fy­ing res­o­lu­tion."

​Emily Schneider, Jewish Book Council​​

The Inside Name
Felipe has a secret. He and his family are conversos—Jews forced to convert to Christianity after 1497 but who maintained their Jewish identities and practices behind closed doors. Even his real name, his Jewish name, is a secret. Felipe is his outside name, the only one it is safe to use.  But with the coming of the Inquisition from Spain to Portugal, it becomes more dangerous for them to continue to live a secret life. That is when a local priest, also a converso, finds a way for Felipe and his family to escape, to emigrate to a place where a young boy can be called by his real name.

Spotlighting the Sephardic Jewish converso culture in 1500's Portugal, this illustrated historical fiction chapter book for ages 6-9 includes an end note explaining the lives of Portuguese conversos, how the Inquisition came from Spain to Portugal in 1536, making life even more dangerous for them, and the role of Gracia Nasi Mendes, a wealthy and influential converso who used her large sailing fleet and her international connections to help families flee.