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Children's Author, Reading Specialist,  Literacy Coach

​​​​​​​Randi Sonenshine

"The guide Randi created is a treasure trove of unique and creative activities! Each section is aligned to content standards and has specific instructional goals. Randi also customized the activities to fit the pirate theme. There’s even a snack! How fun is that?!

Randi understands what teachers want and need in the classroom. More importantly, she knows what will engage students!
"                           -Author Marcie Wessels

​​​​​​​​I'd love to create a custom teacher's guide for your children's book!

Teachers these days are busier than ever and constantly on the lookout for quality resources to teach and enhance their curriculum. Children's books are high on the list for good reason.  They  have the power to engage and motivate reluctant readers, enrich students' knowledge of core content, and deepen their understanding of important concepts, all while immersing them in a rich literary environment. However, teachers have little time to create new learning activities outside of their existing curriculum. As such, a well-crafted, standards-based teacher's guide adds considerable value and appeal to your children's book. 

My teacher's guides are fully customizable and cross-curricular. I design each learning activity to teach a specific standard, rather than align them loosely after the fact, an important consideration for teachers in today's era of high-stakes tests and accountability.

Interested in a free consultation? Simply fill out the form on my Contact page, and I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible! 

My Credentials: I have been a literacy professional for the past twenty five years, working as a classroom teacher, college instructor, literacy consultant, instructional coach and reading specialist. During that time, I have also worked at the local and state level on curriculum, assessment, and literacy initiatives. I am currently an instructional literacy coach and serve on the ELA Advisory Council for the state of Georgia.

"The guide Randi created for my book, Norbert’s Big Dream, far exceeded my expectations! She created fun, engaging and age-appropriate activities that students will love, and she tied them into the curriculum, which teachers will appreciate. She was flexible and timely and was a true pleasure to work with! I highly recommend her!"         -Author Lori Degman