​ ​Where to Get Your Writing Published​​​​

Stone Soup: Poems and stories by writers ages 8-13

Skipping Stones: Poems, stories, and essays that celebrate      culture and the environment

Creative Kids Magazine: Poems, stories, cartoons, songs, plays, and much more by writers ages 8-16

New Moon Magazine: Girls ages 8 and up. Themed content.

Launch Pad Online Magazine: Fiction, non-fiction, and poetry by writers ages 6-14

The Claremont Review: Poetry, short stories, and plays by writers ages 13-19

Cicada Magazine: Poetry, fiction, essays and comics by writers ages 14 and up

Teen Ink: Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, reviews by writers ages 13-19

Children's Author, Reading Specialist,  Literacy Coach

​Randi Sonenshine