Appearing in the April 2017

Cricket Magazine:

 "The Inside Name"

 Felipe Alonso longs to be called by his inside name, the Jewish name given to his grandfather and passed down by his ancestors for hundreds of years. But in 1537 Lisbon, it is illegal to be Jewish, and one slip of the tongue could alert the Inquisitors to his family’s secret. Like his father’s Hebrew poetry, the secret mezuzah hidden under a tile on the doorpost, or his mother’s Sabbath rituals, Felipe’s true name must remain hidden, even from his little sister, who is too young to understand the danger it could bring.

 When his mother sends him on a mission to St. Vincent’s Church, Felipe braves the dangerous return trip with a mysterious scroll that offers new hope to his family and a chance for Felipe to reclaim his rightful name and heritage. 

Southern Breeze 25th Annual Fall Conference

October 7-8

​Birmingham, Alabama 

Workshop Session:

Not Just for Circle Time: Enriching your Picture Book with Content Connections 

Picture books provide the perfect bite-sized segue into core disciplinary concepts and complex literacy skills that span content areas and grade levels. But how can writers navigate the tangled maze of standards that leave many experienced educators shaking their heads? And which standards are the most important, anyway? In this session, participants will learn the answers to both of these questions, plus other practical tips for writing picture books that teachers will turn to again and again! audience: Writers and illustrators, all levels.

Children's Author, Reading Specialist,  Literacy Coach

​Randi Sonenshine