Children's Author, Reading Specialist,  Literacy Coach

​Randi Sonenshine

​A Little Something About Me!

My husband = my biggest cheerleader!

   Chances are you've heard of Salisbury steak, that slippery mystery meat served in school cafeterias since the dawn of time. But it's doubtful you've heard of Salisbury, Maryland, the small college town where I grew up. (In case you're wondering, it has no connection to Salisbury steak!) Salisbury was a great place to be a kid. I spent a lot of time camping, canoeing, and going on wild adventures in the woods and "swamp" behind my house. When I wasn't doing those things, I was probably reading.

I wrote my first "real" story, "The Runaway Stapler," when I was in third grade. It was about a stapler (No surprise!), who was tired of his teeth falling out every time someone  beat him on the head, so he ran away. My teacher kept it on the bulletin board all year. Publishing was easier back then!


In middle school, I didn't do as much writing. I was too interested in friends... and boys... and moping around sad and droopy like a basset hound.  My cat, Gizmo was the only one who truly understood me.


In high school, I started writing again. My ninth grade teacher read aloud my humorous essay, "Why it Stinks to Be Short," and it made me something of a celebrity...for about a day anyway.

I got my love of words from my dad, and my creativity from my mom. My dad was always reading aloud poems and stories to me and my sisters in this deep, dramatic voice. My favorites were "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and anything by Edgar Allen Poe. Meanwhile, my mom was always making something. With a few scraps of material, some string, glue, wood, buttons, paint, or any other random assortment of items, she would create something unexpectedly marvelous.

My love of words, poetry, and stories led me to become a middle and high school English teacher, and eventually a reading specialist and literacy coach. About four years ago, I "officially" started writing for children. Who day I may write a book about Stapler!​

 Today, I live in Northwest Georgia with my husband, two sons, a very sneaky Schnauzer named Ella, and an immortal goldfish. Oh, I almost forgot Rafiki, a gecko my son brought home from college. 


You might think from this picture that Ella likes to help me write, but actually, she is very jealous of my computer...and my phone...and my books. This is her, reminding me that she comes first. Sticking out her tongue really wasn't necessary; I got the point.